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The J.D. Byrider auto financing program speaks directly to our customers' needs.

As the industry leader, we know that getting fast credit approval for financing a used car is pivotal when buying a car. We know that many of our customers have been disappointed or ignored by traditional financial institutions. The J.D. Byrider Superstore has a dedicated, in-house used car financing company, CarNow Acceptance Company (CNAC).

CNAC is the quickest, most flexible way we know to provide the auto financing you need, when and where you need it. If you qualify, J.D. Byrider Superstore can arrange CNAC financing on the spot, and you could be driving the same day you apply.

We have just what you need - a better car with an affordable payment. The car you need and the credit you deserve may be just a click away. Great cars for people who need credit...that's the J.D. Byrider Superstore!

Satisfied Customers

Hear From our Satisfied Customers
"I had an AMAZING experience with the JD Byrider Superstore! I couldn't get financed for a car anywhere and I went to the Superstore and I drove my new car home that same day! I could not have asked for a nicer or more helpful group of people to assist me in purchasing a vehicle AND rebuilding my credit!" Emily Jeromin
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